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more than just a borehole
logging application

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What is Drillysis?
It is a cloud based borehole logging database which can be accessed from any device
(PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) from anywhere with just an internet connection

No complicated
network licenses
or hard-lock keys

Just a simple
username and

Very fast, easy and
user friendly borehole
logging creation
Work from

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Centrally stored
Real time update of the cloud borehole logging database without requiring complex import / export processes by the user. Borehole logging in the field and in the office for the same project at the same time

Web & Windows based
Windows based application or web browser to manage, search, log or export your borehole loggings and reports
Customize your report
Easily edit & create templates
Multiple borehole logging templates available. Very easy and on the fly change of column order, width and displayed information
Addition of predefined or custom columns with any information, color or even photograph from the beginning of your borehole preparation
or any time during

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Because boring logs do not need to be boring
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